Finalist in Knight Arts Challenge for Philadelphia

I’m proud to announce that my proposal for a young friends of classical music group to the Knight Arts Challenge for Philadelphia was selected as a finalist.  Only 55 proposals were selected out of over 1200 entries so it’s quite an honor to have made it this far.  Look for “Sharon Torello” in the list – here.  A detailed proposal was submitted on 1/9 and winners of the challenge will be announced in the spring.

It goes without saying that funding for the project would would be very helpful, but due to college and music schedules, I decided to proceed with the initial work regardless of the final decision from the Knight Foundation.  A group has been setup on LocalArtsLive, which you are welcome to join.  You’ll need to sign-up with a LocalArtsLive account first if you have not done so already.  The plan is to use this group as a central source of discussion and information.  A Facebook page has also been created as a source of quick updates and discussion.  The search is on for students and fans of classical music under the age of 40 who would like to lead this group.  If you fit this category and are interested in taking an active roll, please comment here or on one of the existing group/pages.  There is already quite a bit of interest and excitement about the potential of this group so  getting involved in its early stages could be a very rewarding experience!


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